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Stokes Badges is an industry leader and has been manufacturing and supplying quality badges, medallions and associated products since 1856. We stock an extensive range of badges, medallions and accessories to suit most needs. Custom-made products are also available on request.

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Stokes was established in 1856 by a young English die-sinker named Thomas Stokes, who had arrived from England some years earlier to take part in the gold rush of that era. Disappointment in the fields led him to Melbourne where he setup business as a diesinker producing medals, tokens, buttons and silverware, a skill he acquired over five dedicated years of apprenticeship which he had completed in Birmingham, England.

A merger with G.F Martin in 1867 saw the firm introduce electroplated nickel silver to Australia.

The banking crisis of the 1890's saw a split with Martin and the gradual joining of Thomas Stokes' three sons, and by 1911 the company was called Thomas Stokes and Sons.

The company's preeminent status amongst its competitors was demonstrated by the commission to produce Queen Elizabeth ll's wedding gift from Australia and her 1954 tour gift from Victoria.


Over the years Stokes have minted medals for most of the special occasions in history, such as Queen Victoria's Silver Jubilee, The Federation of Australia and the Boer War to name just a few. Also countless medals were produced for the armed forces during both world wars.

Here is a small list of the issues that were produced:

  • Burke and Wills - 1861
  • HRH, Duke of Edinburgh - 1867
  • International Exhibition - 1880
  • Departure of troops for Sudan - 1885
  • Commemoration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee - 1887
  • Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee - 1897
  • Proclamation of Australian Commonwealth - 1901
  • Coronation of George V - 1911
  • First Anzac Medallion - 1918
  • Victory First World War - 1918
  • Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith - 1919
  • Victory Second World War - 1945
  • Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - 1953